HongYan gorge (红岩峡谷)

HongYan gorge (红岩峡谷) is a common name used by the Guizhou (a province in South West China) local hikers. It is not an official name, which might not exist at all. In China large scale map is confidential and there is no detailed information about those rural areas. There is no air photo about the place in Google Earth either. I put a place mark and saved a kmz file on the location in Google Earth. Let me know if you want the kmz file, you can double click to automaticly locate it in Google Earth.

The coordinate is about:
Lat: 26°18'46.60"N Lon: 106°48'7.41"E

The gorge is in the south east corner of Guiyang (the capital of the province) administration area. It lies between YunDing (in GaoPo Miao minority autonomy country) and MaChang (a village name?). We can either go upstream and downstream to hike across.

On the way, for most of time we have to keep our lower legs in the water. There are many small waterfalls, and two major waterfalls:

There is a relevant big deep area, which can be regarded as a swimming pool. It’s really comfortable to swim with the nice scenery around in cool air in summer:

There are some suitable natural camping places:

It is definitely a fun trip:

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Anonymous said...

what if i cannot swim?
how could i pass that pool?
anyway, it's beautiful