XiangSiHe Canyon 相思河峡谷

The Guizhou hikers call it as PuDuHe Canyon (普渡河峡谷), which is a Buddhist name of the river means pass the life tribulations. The PuDu River is probably the place mark you can find in a map in the scale less than 1:10k. The river we walked along is just one of its streams. The local people call it XiangSiHe rather than its original name XiaoHe on the 1984 1:10k topographic map.

Got off at PuDuHe Canyon on the bus from Guiyang to Xia Ba Town(下坝),head up right until you find the bridge more than one hundred years old. The coordinates are about: 26°41'6.92"N, 106°48'23.21"E

Keep the right along the path, you will be down to the rive side. Walk along the river or find some trails upper in the hills which are full of bamboos.

10 minutes right before arriving at the camping site, there is a small village on the hill. Currently there are only a few families; there is even no post service, so I might need to come again before I leave here to send my pictures to them. The life is very simple here, the couple I met are very friendly, veryyyy nice. I am not good at express the sense of emotion, but I will just never forget them.

On the way back home, we went to the north, which will ends at the Sui Tan town. Climb up on the right, there is a nice view of the valley. We swum in the pool the day before:

On top of the mountain, there is abandoned Red Army like building. Take the change and enjoy the estival breeze! If it is the right season, help yourself of the green plum.

There would be a relevantly long orbit path along the mountains. Aqueducts along those paths were built by the locals.

Finally you will enter a being built site. Walk through and find the way home.

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